From gesture to ink…
I graduated from the Olivier de Serre School of Art in 1981 in the Textile Design section, then followed the path of calligraphy to become a visual artist using materials.

From ink to paper…
In 2008, I intuitively felt the need to return to the question of the medium, and to explore it as a fundamental and more personal source of expression. So I learnt the Japanese technique of making sheets of paper, using Kozo (Japanese mulberry) fibre in particular.

For me, the “leaf” became a field of experimentation and encounters with life at its most creative. I find in it the ever-renewed promise of a territory of possibilities where imagination and creation can express themselves.

From leaf to lace…
In 2021, I’m broadening my field of exploration by making my colours from plants. I also make my paper from local plants and tree leaves from which I extract the cellulose to retain only the structure, the essence.

In this way, my fingers create a lacework of plants, in which the shape of the tree leaf as an ornamental motif fades away to reveal its simple vibratory dimension and all its vivacity. Plants hold up a mirror to my senses.
The intimate relationship that develops with each encounter with it improvises a ‘dance’ between its breath and my inner movements.

My works take shape, in large formats or in volume, creating spaces where fibres meet and play with light. Suspended works, posed works, manipulated works, it’s a physical dialogue that takes place with the material from production to exhibition.

In 2014: 1st Prize in the competition of the 8th International Paper Triennial in Switzerland with: ” Comme s’il en pleuvait! ”.
In 2020: 1st Prize for creation awarded by the Ateliers d’Art de France for the Bourgogne Franche-Comté region with: ” Tree of Life N°2 ”.

Film made at Sandrine Beaudun’s studio in 2016 by Mai Huai for the AAF. 04.50m.

Tree of Life n°2 Sandrine Beaudun Film directed in 2019 by Manon Pénicaud. 04.39m